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Industrial Fuse-Links

Comply with the dimensional requirements
and current ratings of BS88: Part 2, IEC 60269-2 and EN 60269-2. Ranges are available for 400/415V a.c. and 660/690V a.c.

Compact Dimension Fuse-Links

With offset blade tags this range meets the requirements of BS88: Part 6 and IEC 60269-2 at rated voltages of 230/240V a.c. and 400/415V a.c.

General Purpose Fuse-Links

The popular Lawson type MD cylindrical style fuse-links are rated at 400/415V a.c. and are approved to BS88: Part 1 and IEC 60269-1. They also meet the performance requirements of BS88: Part 2, IEC 60269-2 and EN 60269-2.

Motor Circuit Fuse-Links

To accommodate motor starting currents, motor circuit protection fuse-links are available to extend the range of standard fuse-links. 


Additional Tag Forms

BS88 industrial and motor circuit fuse-links are available with special tags, including those designed to fit. ARTIC and REY ROLLE pattern fusegear.

Utility Fuse-Links

Type J fuse-links for electricity supply networks comply with BS88: Part 5, meet the requirements of the corresponding draft IEC 60269-2 document and also comply with UK Electricity Supply Industry Standard s. Fuse-links complying with the requirements of BS1361 are available for both house service cut-outs and consumer units. In addition BS1362 domestic plug fuse-links are also available which meet the requirements of IEC60269-3.

Street Lighting Fuse-Links

Type LST 230/240V a.c. fuse-links for street lighting cut-outs comply with BS88: Part 1 and IEC 60269-1. These fuse-links, with a breaking capacity of 20kA at 240V a.c., offer excellent protection and meet the requirements of UK Electricity Supply Industry Standards and BS7654.

DIN Standard Fuse-Links

Type LSPN 500V a.c. fuse-links for industrial usage comply with IEC 60269-2. This range is complemented by Type D 500V a.c. fuse-links to IEC 60269-3 (DIN-VDE 0636-41) and Type DO 400V a.c. fuse-links to IEC 60269-3 (DIN-VDE 0636-31).


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